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International Cup 2005 - seedings

International Cup 2005The seedings for the 2005 International Cup have been released. It is to be held in Melbourne in August. The same 11 countries that competed in 2002 are expected to return, plus Spain making their first appearance.

The tournament will again feature two pools, with teams seeded in each half. It appears that the seeding was based purely on the 2002 results, which although not unreasonable, doesn't make allowance for recent form, such as Canada's competitive match against the United States. However, countries don't need to worry about seeding too much, as they will play every other team in their pool. So at the end of the day, if any nation wishes to win the championship, they will probably have to knock off one of the grand finalists from the inaugural series - reigning champions Ireland or runner-up Papua New Guinea. The round robin matches will be cut-throat, with one loss likely to be enough to prevent a team making the final, which will see the top side from each pool play-off. World Footy News will feature a preview of the Cup in coming weeks. Read more about the 2002 International Cup here.

The pools for 2005 are:

Pool A Pool B
DenmarkNew Zealand
USAGreat Britain
South AfricaSpain

The tournament will start on Wednesday 3rd August and conclude with the Grand Final on Sunday 13th August, as the curtain raiser (prelude) to the AFL blockbuster Carlton versus Collingwood, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. AFL support for the event is thought to be around AU$100,000 and it will be staged in a carnival-like environment, with local councils hopefully involved to provide activities around it. The one risk to the event is the limited finances of most leagues. In many cases players will have to pay their own way or raise funds themselves, but in countries such as Nauru and Samoa this can be very difficult. Hopefully we will see all twelve countries participate, and that number grow in the following years.

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International Cup 2005 - seedings
Authored by: John Enright on Thursday, January 06 2005 @ 09:56 am ACDT

Just as a matter of interest - why does it have to be the top two teams that progress to the finals?? Why not the top two teams from each pool... Then the top team from pool A plays the second team from Pool b and visa versa?? Wouldn't that encourage teams to keep playing even if they lost one game !

International Cup 2005 - seedings
Authored by: Brett Northey on Thursday, January 06 2005 @ 04:40 pm ACDT

I guess that would be a much better situation for the major international once every 3 years tournament. But it would add an extra few days - instead of the grand final there would be the semis, and then the teams would need an extra 2 or 3 days off (at least) before the grand final. So the whole tournament becomes a bigger commitment for players in terms of time and costs. I assume that is the reasoning for the current setup. Hopefully in future years it can be extended. In terms of trying to get the crowds interested, a double-header semi final would be good.

Brett Northey - Editor for North America, Ireland and UK

International Cup 2005 - seedings
Authored by: Erik on Wednesday, February 02 2005 @ 10:39 am ACDT

It's a tuff call. Having played in the 2002 IC I can only agree with Dingo. We (Denmark) lost the very first game to PNG and knew the the GF was out of reach. We spent at least 2500 AUD going there and staying another 2-3 days will not cost more than 2-300 dollars - a farily small percentage of the total amount spent.

Honey?? Pass me that muffin will you?