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More on the All-Australian Amateur side

General NewsWorld Footy News has some more information on the All-Australian amateur side that is hoping to travel to Ireland.

In an earlier story we wrote that an All-Australian amateur side had been selected. A contributor to Bigfooty has posted a newsletter from the South Australian Amateur Football League (SAAFL) that explains things more clearly. The side was picked from SA, Victoria and WA, the three strongest football states of Australia. The proposed tour has the support of Terry Daniher and Kevin Sheedy, two big names in Aussie Rules. The full text is below. Let us hope these visionaries are rewarded. Perhaps it will be the first step towards Australia fielding an amateur side at the 2008 International Cup, allowing it to be called the inaugural World Cup?

The Australian Amateur Football Council has been exploring ways of raising the profile of State football while at the same time reducing cost. State football, whether for or against, attracts players to play in Amateur League across Australia and assists in raising the standard of Amateur football. The debate about State football is sadly dominated by non players but the silent voice of support comes from players, even players in lower divisions that may never have the opportunity to play. Following the tri-state series held over the last 3 years between Vic, SA and WA, an All Australian team was selected. At the announcement of the team, it was also suggested that the All Australian team may get the opportunity to tour Ireland with the AFL team in October. This is still a remote possibility but the thinking behind it needs to be considered. An All Australian Amateur team touring Ireland has already attracted attention from Kevin Sheedy and Terry Daniher both being prepared to muster support for the concept. Kevin has asked if he can write a newspaper article about the Amateurs and their contribution to Grassroots football while Terry Daniher has offered to do some skills coaching with the team should it go ahead. Involving people in the spotlight, enables us to use a medium to raise public awareness about the Amateurs and what they do for Grassroots football. The higher the profile, the greater the attraction for sponsors. Amateur League across the 3 States has something like 30,000 players and 600 teams but is not much good to us if no-one knows about it. We need to have a marketing strategy to attract attention. It is the uniqueness of the project that attracts attention to the media and potential sponsors and getting a sponsor for the Ireland trip will more likely get the Amateurs a sponsor for State football in the future. Sometimes introspective thinking prevents organizations from moving forward. While it is important to be practical and realistic, it is just as important to be open to new ideas and vision for the future.

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More on the All-Australian Amateur side | 2 comments | Create New Account
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More on the All-Australian Amateur side
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, August 27 2004 @ 02:56 am ACST

About Time We Think Outside the Square ! I understand the idea of traveling with the AFL to Ireland would raise your profile for Amateur Footy, however the whole idea should be about growing AFL football not this International Version which very few actually like, both here and in Ireland.
Irish AFL is getting weaker because of this hy-breed game of International Rules.
I believe we should be traveling to New Zealand where the game is now thriving with over 30,000 kids playing at School, it has 4 cities with four Premiership Competitions and most clubs have Kiwikick,12's,16's,Reserves and League.
The standard of a All New Zealand AFL side would give any All Australian Amatuer side a run for there money right now and who knows with this sought of competition, they might even push for an AFL side to be based there in 10 years time. Think about it,
4 million Kiwi's behind one AFL side to knock off the Aussies at there own game.

More on the All-Australian Amateur side
Authored by: Brett Northey on Friday, August 27 2004 @ 09:18 am ACST

WFN is a big fan of the NZ system, and would love to see an All-Australian Amateur tour there too. Perhaps an Ireland tour, or at least thinking about it, will sow the seeds for an All-Australian side to play a different country every year.

Do you really think a full NZ squad would push an All-Aussie squad yet? It would be an exciting development.

Brett Northey - Editor for North America, Africa and Oceania